Fiverr is the best platform for freelancers who wants to showcase their skills. So many Fiverr sellers wondering to change their username.

If you look for the same question, read the article carefully before doing anything to your Fiverr account.

You must have known the Username if you have a Fiverr account.
For the sellers, this username is quite important. If they have an excellent customer identity name, they will function more efficiently. In this article, you will know some key points in changing your Fiverr username.

Can you change the username on Fiverr?

The answer is, No.

Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t allow you to change your username.

Once you created your Fiverr account with a particular username, it can’t be changed. So if you want to change your username, you have to deactivate your Fiverr account and need to create a new Fiverr account to start selling.

After deactivating your account, you will receive an email that says “your account was deactivated”. You can now proceed to create a new account to start selling on Fiverr.
Here are the steps to deactivate/delete your Fiverr account:

Step 1: Log in to your profile

Step 2: Click on your profile picture on the top right side of your Fiverr dashboard

fiverr settings

Step 3: Click on settings

Step 4: Select the reason on “I’am leaving because…” to “ I want to change my username.”

i want to change my username fiverr

Step 5: And then click continue or deactivate an account.

How to choose the best username on Fiverr?

you know that you had to choose a username when you started that account. You may not have given that username much thought, but the truth is a username is a very first thing that you will have the ability to impact your buyer with. They look at your username, and it tells them a few things.

I’ve got three things that you need to know about a username.

  • A good username is descriptive.
  • it’s recognizable.
  • and it’s memorable.

your username is your brand. So, you need to choose the correct and the best username to start selling on Fiverr.

If you want to change your Fiverr username, then this article has some tips for how to pick a good username. I hope that these five points will help you decide what is the best option for how to choose a Fiverr username!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing username?

If you wondering to change your username by deactivating your current account, it has fewer advantages and lots of disadvantages.


  1. You can start publishing gig by your new username on your new Fiverr account.
  2. You can build a brand based on your username.
  3. You can find new clients to work with


  1. You will lose all the previous account gigs
  2. You can’t use your older Fiverr account email to create a new Fiverr account.
  3. You will lose all the previous contacts.
  4. You will lose all the feedbacks as wellYou have to start from scratch

What should you do before deactivate your current Fiverr account?

If you are going to deactivate/delete your Fiverr account, you must do few things before clicking the deactivate button.

  1. You have to copy your gig titles and descriptions of your Fiverr gigs. It will save more time when you publish a new gig on your new Fiverr profile.
  2. You have to inform your returning buyers about your decision and you have to give your new Fiverr account username.
  3. You have to withdraw all your funds/earnings by your preferred withdrawal method.

These are the main things you should do before closing your Fiverr account.

If you don’t have sales on your current account, you can close and create a new account with your new username. But if you have enough sales on your current account, closing that account is not a good idea in my opinion. Because you can lose your all previous returning buyers. So, think wisely before deciding about closing your account for a username.

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