Dropshipping is the most popular business for beginners who wants to earn money by working from home in 2021. there are too many popular websites to start dropship. Still, eBay is the best platform to create your dropshipping journey without spending too much money on advertising, etc., because eBay already has 182 million users worldwide.

We will guide you to make money online using eBay in 2021. you can start your dropshipping business by reading the paragraphs below.

What Is eBay Dropshipping? – How does Dropshipping work on eBay

Selling things on eBay and then dealing with suppliers to send them directly to buyers is known as eBay dropshipping. Sellers concentrate on eCommerce marketing, customer support, and finding new things to sell rather than owning inventory or creating the product. You’ll need to select products, get them from a supplier, and post your stuff on eBay to start your own eBay dropshipping business.

Many sellers will use their suppliers’ exact photos, product titles, and descriptions. When a consumer purchases something from your eBay ad, the information is passed on to the supplier, who is then in charge of shipping the item to the buyer. Buying items at a wholesale price and then reselling them at a higher price is how you make money.

Does eBay allow Dropshipping? – Dropshipping policy

You can contact a supplier to ship goods to your clients on eBay. They provide you a catalog with pictures and details, and you split the proceeds when something sells. You accept responsibility for accurate descriptions of items you have never seen, for packaging items you have never touched, shipping items from a location you have never visited, and fully refunding unhappy customers from the portion of their payment you kept when the transaction does not go smoothly.

What you can’t do is promote an item you saw somewhere else, then buy it from the ignorant original seller and have them ship it to your consumer when you get an order.

The only difference is that in the first case, your supplier is aware of and accepts that you will be finding buyers for his goods, whereas in the second case, the supplier is kept in the dark about your plans.

How to set up Dropshipping on eBay

Follow these steps to set up your eBay dropshipping business.

1. Create a seller account on eBay

You can simply create a seller account on ebay.com. You need to fill in the signup information with your accurate information. Because in the future, anything can happen to your account, if you provide your valid information, your verification process will be smooth.

2. Find a good products supplier

Choosing suppliers from the same country as your target market will almost certainly make shipment easier. Use a directory or other drop ship source like Worldwide Brands, Doba, or SimpleSource to identify trustworthy vendors; they do the legwork for you.

Keep an eye out for scammers who appear as suppliers but are simply intermediaries. They’ll take a cut of the profits, which will reduce yours. Consider it a big red flag if they want you to pay a monthly subscription to use their service.

3. Decide what are you going to sell

It’s essential to determine whether there is sufficient demand (and not enough supply) for the goods you want to sell. Here’s one method:

  • Go to eBay
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Enter product (e.g., Art decorating lamps)
  • Sort by “Price Highest First”
  • Select “Completed listings only.”
  • Click “Search”

Make a note of the best selling products

4. Establish an account as a retailer with the supplier

Ask how to become a retailer of their products by e-mail, phone, or letter, and if they will drop ship to your customers. You’ll also want to find out if they’ll include a personalized return label on the shipments (with your store’s name and address) so that buyers think you sent it.

If you approach a supplier for a retail account, don’t be surprised if they ask for a tax ID. Many people will need this information to buy things at wholesale prices.

5. List the items on eBay

Images and descriptions from the suppliers’ websites should be uploaded. Create a thorough and professional-looking listing. Provide your descriptions and photographs of the product you’re selling for better results (if you have samples). After listing costs, the pricing should be low enough to compete with similar things yet high enough to provide you a reasonable profit.

6. Contact the distributor when your items sell

Give them the shipping address of your buyer. Your buyer will receive the product directly from them. Check to make sure that the package arrived on time and in good condition.

These are the main things you should know before starting eBay Dropshipping. we will update you more eBay Dropshipping related articles in future.

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