What is windows 11

Windows 11 is the upcoming major version of the windows operating system after five years. Microsoft announced Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. they said that Windows 11 would be available to upgrade in late 2021. also, they mentioned Windows 11 is free to upgrade; who has a windows 10 genuine key. 

Microsoft released an insider preview version of windows 11 on June 28. Windows 10 users can upgrade their windows 10 to windows 11 insider preview program by singing up the insider preview program. 

Installing Windows 11 is a little bit of disappointment for all who have a PC without TPM 2.0 support and secure boot. 

What is TPM 2.0?

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, and the current version is TPM 2.0. TPMs are a specific type of processor with a specific function. It will execute hardware-based cryptographic operations to ensure encryption and protect your hardware and boot process from malicious attacks.

Microsoft has a tool called PC Health Check Tool. It will help you to check if your computer is ready to upgrade to windows 11. if your pc doesn’t have a TPM chip on the motherboard, the PC Health check tool will give you an error. also, it will provide an error notice if it is deactivated, encouraging you to check whether it is enabled.

What is Secure Boot?

Secure Boot is a security standard designed by experts of the PC industry to ensure that your computer boots up using only software that the manufacturer trusts.

The Bios validates the signature of each piece of boot software, including drivers and the operating system, when the PC starts up. If the signatures are valid, the PC boots and the BIOS grants control to the operating system; otherwise, the boot process is halted and an error is thrown.

You may have already noticed the “This PC can’t run Windows 11” problem message.

So we tried a different method to install windows 11 on ten year old pc without TPM 2.0 support and secure boot. 

After the installation, we got our brand new windows 11 on a ten-year-old pc. 

Let’s see how to install windows 11 on a PC without TPM support and secure boot.

Windows 11 install without TPM and secure boot

To install Windows 11 on a pc without TPM and secure boot, Follow these steps to install the windows 11 insider preview version without any errors.

Step 1: Download the Windows 10 iso and windows 11 insider preview iso.

Step 2: Download and install the Rufus to mount it on a bootable USB Drive.

Step 3: Insert the USB Drive into your PC.

Step 4: Open the Rufus application and select Your USB Drive.

set up bootable windows on a USB Drive
Rufus application

Step 5: Select the windows 10 iso file on the Boot Selection menu

install windows on USB drive

Step 6: Select your partition scheme on the partition scheme menu. if you don’t know the partition scheme of your PC, you can Right Click on This PC > Manage > Storage > Disk Management > Right-click on your hard disk > Properties > Volumes > Partition style. You can see The partition scheme on partition style.

Select partition type on rufus

Step 7: Select Target system to BIOS and click Start

This process will help you to make your USB Drive Bootable.

Step 8: Right Click and open Your USB Drive on This PC. Go to Sources > Delete the Install.esd/Install.wim

This file has the main components of the Windows operating system.

Step 9: double click on the windows 11 insider preview iso, go-to sources folder, and copy the Install.wim file

Step 10: Right-click and open your Bootable USB Drive > Sources and paste the Install.wim file.

Now your bootable USB Drive is ready to install Windows 11 insider preview version. You can install the OS. The installation setup is similar to the windows 10 installation setup. But you will get windows 11 insider preview as your windows operating system.

If you want to keep the personal files of your pc, you can double click on the windows setup file, check on the keep user files and data. Then you can install windows 11 without losing any data.

If you have any any doubts about installing windows 11, please comment below or Contact us.

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